After sun lotion Neutral


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An after sun lotion that helps renew and restores the skin with a soothing effect . An after sun lotion with soothing and regenerating ingredients helping to renew and to restore the skin’s texture.


  • Has a calming and cooling effect on sunburned skin areas.

  • Retards the damaging process

  • Free radical scavenger

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Enhances the overall vitality of the skin 

Directions for use

After cleansing apply to sunburned areas hourly for optimal results.

Price: 248.00

At Jean baré we have worked hard to truly help you understand skincare.

We have developed a skincare range taking into consideration not only your skin type and condition, genetics, your lifestyle, the South African climate and the environment.

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SPF max

A semi-gel based sunblock that blocks harmful UV-rays to accommodate all skin types.

SPF max sensitive

A semi-cream based sun block that blocks harmful UV-rays to accommodate the sensitive skin.