Skin energizer Oily / Normal

Skin balancing and cleansing

Skin Energizer Oily Normal Skin


This product energizes the skin with anti-bacterial properties. The skin is brought back to its youthfulness and natural state, protecting the skin against the free radicals and to recuperate. A energized and balanced effect is created for the oily skin .


  • Free radical scavenger

  • Energizing the oily skin

  • Enhance skin vitality

  • Skin soother

  • Anti-oxidant properties

  • Create an anti-bacterial environment

Directions for use

Spray on the face and neck after skin routine has been completed, twice daily.

Price: 241.00

At Jean baré we have worked hard to truly help you understand skincare.

We have developed a skincare range taking into consideration not only your skin type and condition, genetics, your lifestyle, the South African climate and the environment.

A good collection of professional luxury facial products to better skin for life and discover the beauty secrets is made simple, thanks to the step-by-step skin journey and the color coded easy to use product recognition.


This product has exfoliating particles that are of a suitable size to gently remove dry and dead skin leaving the skin refreshed and clean.

Skin booster

Boost the skin with strong anti-bacterial properties

Milk cleanser

This luxurious, dense, milk cleanser balances the skin’s natural pH level. It dissolves oily residues on the surface and also moisturises the skin areas.

Make-up remover

A gentle non-greasy formula that quickly dissolves long wearing make-up especially eye make-up, without leaving any oily residue

Gel cleanser

This soap less gel cleanser balances skin’s natural pH level. It unblocks pores via a deep purifying foaming action that foams away impurities whilst balancing oily skin areas.

Cleansing Cream

This sumptuous, velvety cream cleanser has a stronger concentrate of moisturisers. It is for the ultra dry, sensitive and dehydrated dry skin conditions. It dissolves oily residues on the surface and also moisturises the skin areas. It will not only leave your skin feeling clean and nourished, but also prepares the skin for better penetration of the products to follow.